5 Panel Drug Testing Centers

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5 Panel Drug Test Centers

Which type of Drug Testing should employee’s take?

 5 Panel Drug Testing Centers

When determining which type of drug testing to take, the most common used by a Drug Free Work Place or for individuals needing a pre-employment, random or post accident test is the 5 panel drug test. This drug screen detects CocaineAmphetamineMethamphetamineOpiate and Marijuana (THC). The 5 panel drug test is also the test required by the Department of transportation (DOT) and other Federal Government Agencies. Court ordered drug tests in most case’s also use the 5 panel test with alcohol added as an additional screen when required. While 5 panel drug tests are available which will provide immediate results. DOT, court ordered or tests for employment positions that are designated as Safety Sensitive are required  to be sent to a HHS-Certified laboratory and reviewed by a Medical Review Officer . 


Accredited Drug Testing Inc provides a full range of drug testing services including the 5 panel drug test, DOT and Non-DOT drug and Alcohol testing and complete management of a drug free work place testing program. 

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