Breath Alcohol Tests

Breath Alcohol Test

Breath Alcohol Test

Breath alcohol tests are frequently used to ensure safety and/ or compliance with government regulations, for example Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Companies may perform breath alcohol tests for employees suspected of being intoxicated, or immediately following a workplace accident to determine causation.

An alcohol testing company may also be relied upon to providing testing as part of a court-ordered agreement. Parents involved in shared custody agreements may submit to breath alcohol tests prior to enjoying custody rights, and individuals charged with drunk driving may be ordered to complete random breath alcohol tests over an extended period of time.

Breath Alcohol Tests 101:

Sometimes referred to as breathalyzers, blood alcohol tests (BATs) estimate the amount of alcohol in your blood based on the amount of alcohol vapors in the air you exhale.

BATs can be administered by a variety of different devices, each of which comes with its own unique set of pros and cons. As a respected alcohol testing company, ADT only utilizes devices approved by the US Department of Transportation, which are administered by certified Breath Alcohol Technicians. Poor quality devices and careless administration can result in false positives. Our equipment and our staff never make that mistake.

ADT can conduct breath alcohol tests at your place of business, in one of our clinics, or at the site of a recent accident.

Breath Alcohol Test Myth Busters:

  • Time is the only factor than affects how quickly alcohol is metabolized (processed through the body). Coffee, water, energy drinks, or sleep may give the drinker a burst of energy but the alcohol remains in their system.
  • On average, people metabolize 1 standard drink every 1-2 hours. In a night in which an average person consumes 5 drinks, it will take 5-10 hours for the alcohol to leave his or her system, meaning that he or she may wake up the next morning still under the influence of alcohol.

Confidential breath alcohol tests can be conducted at any location utilizing the Accredited Drug Testing mobile on-site program service.

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