Accredited Drug Testing Visits IFDAT 2017

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As the leader in the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry, Accredited Drug Testing, Inc. recently attended the International Forum for Drugs and Alcohol Testing.

The President and CEO of Accredited Drug Testing, Inc. James Greer, and Vice President John Burgos visited the two-day conference to discuss industry topics such as alternate testing methods, legal challenges in testing, new technology, contractor compliance in the oil and gas industry, testing in the aviation industry and more.

What is IFDAT?

The International Forum for Drugs and Alcohol Testing (IFDAT) is an annual event where drug testing and related industry professionals come together. Experts from all over the world unite to share their knowledge with the rest of the international community.

Great efforts are made by the IFDAT organizers to create an event that is worthwhile, inspiring and educational for all participants. IFDAT sponsors are also key in making these conferences possible and effective.

The IFDAT conference is held annually and is hosted at a variety of venues throughout the United States and internationally.