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MRO Services
MRO Services

The integrity and accuracy of a drug test result relies on a medical review officer (MRO). The MRO is crucial to determining if a test is negative, positive, adulterated, or invalid. An important step in the process is to have a qualified licensed physician who, as the Medical Review Officer (MRO), will review and evaluate all test specimens after the test has been analyzed by a certified laboratory.

The primary responsibility of the MRO is Receive laboratory confirmed urine drug test results; determine whether there is a legitimate medical explanation for a laboratory-confirmed positive, adulterated, or substituted result; and review and report a verified result to the employer in a timely and confidential manner.

Accredited Drug Testing has several medical review officers on staff who will review and evaluate drug test results, communicate with the donor, if necessary, to determine any reason a test was positive such as taking a legally prescribed medication. If a test is invalid our an MRO will determine the cause. The medical review officer will also notify ADT and the employer about any and all pertinent information related to the test results.

Having an MRO review and verify drug tests prevents unexplained positive test results and reduces employers liability while administering a drug free work place program.

Accredited Drug Testing Inc. will provide a full service drug free work place program which includes a medical review officer for test verification as part of our robust and comprehensive span of drug testing services.

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