Pre-Employment Drug Tests



pre-employment Drug testing

Pre-Employment Drug Tests

As the use of illegal substances becomes more and more widespread, more employers are turning to pre-employment drug tests to screen job candidates during the hiring process. Establishing a drug-free workplace allows all employees to benefit from a safe, professional environment in which substance abuse is eliminated before the first day on the job.

Companies and employers have a range of pre-employment drug tests to choose from, each offering a slightly different set of benefits. ADT is dedicated to accommodating your needs and our on-site mobile testing service allows future candidates (as well as current employees) to submit to screening without ever having to leave the office.

Pre-employment drug testing is a cost effective investment which will save your company time, money and resources in the long run. Take out the word long run and insert future. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that employee drug use costs employers over $80 billion annually. The general recommendation is that drug testing occur after a hiring offer has been made and before an individual is incorporated into the workplace.

Types of Pre-employment Drug Test

  • Urine Testing: The preferred testing method among both employers and candidates, urine testing provides a noninvasive and inexpensive means to screening individuals for past drug use. Urine drug tests are able to detect a range of illegal substances, including cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, PCP, opiates and many others. If an individual has used one or more of these substances in the past week, presence of the drug will register on the exam. Pre-employment NON-DOT drug tests can provide instant results or be sent a certified laboratory for analysis and MRO review depending on the companies preferred method of testing.
  • Hair Testing: With a 90-day detection period, hair drug testing provides the most accurate indication as to whether or not a potential employee has a habitual drug problem or has used illegal substances within the past three months. Though slightly more expensive than a urine drug test, hair drug screening can identify a range of drugs including cocaine, opiates, PCP (angel dust), marijuana, amphetamines, and basic prescription drugs.
  • Fluid/Saliva Testing: This test is available at out testing locations and can be utilized as an “on-site” type of drug test. Businesses such as construction sites use this type of immediate result test. In addition, to an immediate result, oral fluid tests can also be sent to a certified laboratory for anaylsis and MRO review.

Confidential pre-employment drug tests can be conducted at any location utilizing the Accredited Drug Testing mobile on-site program service (*additional on-site convenience fee may apply).

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