Drug Testing Vermont

Drug Testing Vermont

Drug and Alcohol Testing Vermont

Accredited Drug Testing Inc (ADT) offers drug testing Vermont, alcohol testing Vermont and DNA testing Vermont. With our talented team of drug technicians, you can always count on receiving a professional and knowledgeable experience delivered each time with the utmost respect for confidentiality.

Every day we work closely with companies of all sizes and all industries, as well as with third party administrators and individuals in need of a drug test Vermont. Our comprehensive portfolio of drug testing Vermont and alcohol screening Vermont services is designed to always meet your testing needs.

Our services for drug testing Vermont, alcohol testing Vermont and DNA testing Vermont is designed to be your “One Stop Shopping” for all of your Drug testing Vermont needs.

Our drug testing Vermont centers are located throughout the state and our ADT staff members are committed to providing affordable, convenient and confidential drug, alcohol and DNA testing services.

Accredited Drug Testing is proud to serve the state of Vermont, including the following cities:





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Drug Testing Vermont Services

The ADT drug testing Vermont centers provides a wide variety of standard drug and alcohol tests, as well as customized drug screening to meet a specific need. Our standard drug test is a    5 panel, 9 panel, 10 panel, 11 panel and 12 panel screen which can also be expanded to look for additional opiates, prescription drugs, K2, spice and bath salts. If you are not sure of what particular Vermont drug test you need, please speak with one of our trained professionals to review some of the many options available to you at our Vermont Accredited Drug Testing centers.
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Employee Drug Testing Vermont

Vermont Drug Free Workplace

The State of Vermont recognizes the benefits of a Drug Free Workplace and encourages businesses throughout the State to be a Drug Free Workplace. Benefits of being a drug free workplace include a decrease in employee absenteeism, employee turnover, on the job accidents, theft, and an increase in customer service and employee morale. .

Companies that wish to be a Vermont Drug Free Workplace should utilize the following standards when establishing a drug free workplace program.

  • Have a written drug and alcohol policy and distribute to all employees
  • Employee drug testing (Pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post accident)
  • Certified laboratory and Medical Review Officer required
  • Employee assistance program for substance abuse treatment (EAP)
  • Supervisor and employee education program
  • Maintain all other required documentation of a  Drug Free Workplace Program

The State of Vermont requires that all State agencies and State Government contractors implement and properly maintain a drug free workplace.

While the State Vermont has not specifically expanded drug testing for employers by statute other then government agencies and contractors, the State of Vermont drug free workplace program is recognized for all businesses regardless of size. .

The State of Vermont’s commitment to Drug Free Workplace programs also allows companies to have comprehensive drug testing policies provided the company complies with drug testing Vermont laws.

Companies may require pre-employment, reasonable suspicion and post accident testing and drug testing Vermont laws may provide employment related protections to an employer when action is taken against an employee who violates the company’s drug and alcohol policies.

To review the Vermont Drug Free Workplace Law – Click Here

Studies have shown that substance abuse among employees has serious repercussions for both the working environment and the economic success of the business. As a result of drug and alcohol abuse, employers see increased costs related to medical fees, absenteeism and overall productivity.

Vermont companies regardless of size wishing to implement a Vermont Drug Free Workplace can contact Accredited Drug Testing and ADT can schedule all drug tests and manage the entire Vermont Drug Free Workplace program for our clients. Simply speak with an ADT drug testing representative and tell them you are interested in our drug testing Vermont services and programs.

When it comes to employee drug testing, we recognize the importance of convenience and confidentiality. For that reason, we offer online scheduling and delivery of test results, which allow employers to utilize our services from the convenience of their office.

In addition, we also provide Mobile Drug Testing that brings our drug testing services right to your place of business. These on-site services are able to ensure maximum employee participation as well as minimum disruption to the work day.(Additional fees may apply).

Alcohol Testing Vermont

In addition to offering drug testing in Vermont, ADT also offers urine, saliva, breath and ETG alcohol testing for DOT and NON-DOT requirements.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Vermont

As a National drug and alcohol testing company, the staff of Accredited Drug Testing Inc is certified and qualified in Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing collections and our in house DOT specialists are fully knowledgeable of DOT 49 CFR Part 40 drug and alcohol policy and compliance regulations.

All DOT tests include test collections by a qualified ADT technician, SAMHSA certified laboratory analysis and verification by a qualified Medical Review Officer.

Accredited Drug Testing provides DOT required 5 panel urine tests, breath alcohol tests, consortium/random pool membership and all Federal Chain of Custody documents. If you need a DOT drug or alcohol test, simply call the ADT office and speak with one of our DOT drug testing specialists.

To review DOT 49 CFR Part 40 Drug and Alcohol Regulations – Click Here

ADT can schedule and manage all of your DOT and NON-DOT drug testing needs Nationwide, anywhere and at anytime.

“One Stop Shopping” for all of your Drug Testing Vermont Needs

If you are a HR/Office manager needing employee drug testing, a school, government agency or simply an individual in need of a drug or alcohol test, Accredited Drug Testing Inc provides drug testing for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, post accident, court ordered or any other drug testing need, Call Accredited Drug Testing Today.(800)221-4291

About Vermont

Accredited Drug Testing Inc is pleased to provide drug testing Vermont services throughout the State. The capitol of the State of Vermont is Montpelier and the largest city in the State of Vermont is Burlington. Vermont became a State on March 4th 1791 and Vermont has a population of approximately 626,562 residents. Vermont is located in the Eastern Time Zone. Accredited Drug Testing Inc provides drug testing services for employers and residents in most cities through the State. To schedule a drug test call (800)221-4291.

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