Medical Marijuana on Florida’s 2014 Ballot

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The Florida Supreme Court has given the go ahead for a constitutional amendment to appear on the November 2014 election ballot. If approved by 60% of the voter’s, Florida will join 21 other states in permitting medical marijuana use.medical marijuana drug test orlando Currently other states including New York, Georgia, Utah, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Kansas, Mississippi, Ohio,Tennessee and Missouri are considering  medical marijuana usage by legislation or constitutional amendment. Stay tuned to ADT for more information about Medical marijuana laws and how they may affect employers and drug free work place programs.

What does medical marijuana mean for Florida’s drug free workplace?

This has been a topic of contention in many states. But the fact remains, if you are Department of Transportation (DOT) employed, in a safety-sensitive position you will not be able to consume or be under the influence of medical marijuana on the job. Many drug free work place policies that are not in the safety sensitive category will still not allow medical marijuana use while on the job. So can you still test and terminate employees in violation of your drug free work place policy and be in compliance with federal discrimination law? Call Accredited Drug Testing today to get some advice as it varies by state.
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We anticipate many Florida Supreme court cases involving medical marijuana and discrimination based on the aforementioned basis. As there is not precedence in law, it may be an issue for many employers in the state of Florida. We just advise our clients to be aware of this, their rights, and to protect themselves from liability with an updated drug free work place policy and company drug testing requirements

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