New Drug Treatment Court in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach has announced that they will be starting a drug treatment court, with the goal to rehabilitate non-violent drug offenders and addicts, in hopes of providing them with an alternative to prison.

The goal of the Virginia Beach Drug Treatment Court (VBCTC) is to be used as a way to provide drug offenders a way to develop better long term behavior and create a path in the Circuit Court of Virginia Beach for drug offenders to receive help and rehabilitation.

Colin D. Stolle, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the city of Virginia Beach, mentioned that the VBTC is designed to be easy to get in, and hard to get out as there are several phases, each with incentives and sanctions that can be imposed on offenders when necessary.


Not everyone will qualify for the program. In order to be accepted into the program, offenders must:

  • Reside in Virginia Beach
  • May not have a violent criminal history
  • May not have any prior convictions for Possession with Intent to Distribute drugs
  • and must have a previously suspended jail or prison sentence in excess of 18 months

Offenders must also report daily to their treatment provider, must maintain employment, complete community service, must complete homework, may not reside with other drug users, and will undergo frequent random drug testing. A positive drug screen or violation of a condition of the program can result in a variety of sanctions, including community service, jail time, or expulsion from the program.

“We hope to equip these offenders with the resources they need to kick their habits and change their entire lifestyle,” said Stole about the new program.

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