Specimen Validity Testing

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What Is Specimen Validity Testing?

Workplace drug testing today has dramatically since the early 1970’s, along with the types of illicit drugs available the general public.

Over time, it has been a common practice for illegal drug users to attempt to beat (cheat) a drug test. It is also important to realize that as testing methods and technology advances, individuals will continue to find new and creative ways to cheat a urine drug test.

Current trends in attempting to cheat a drug test is Synthetic urine. Many individuals purchase these items with a optimism of attempting to avoid a positive drug test result.

With this influx and the attempts to beat a urine drug test by utilizing synthetic urine products such as UPassTM, Quick Fix®, and Xtream® has attracted the attention of various state lawmakers.

One example would be Representative Willie Bailey of Mississippi which had proposed a bill known as the “Urine Trouble Act” in an effort to address the matter of safety-sensitive employees using synthetic urine to evade drug tests in industries such as transportation and manufacturing. Although the bill passed in the Mississippi House, it was rejected by the state senate.

Furthermore, there is at least seventeen states, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, have pending legislation banning the use and sale of synthetic urine.

There are many choices when choosing a laboratory to perform drug testing analysis, but we recommend utilizing a laboratory which provides validity testing to ensure that a urine drug test specimen is human and has not been tampered with.

Accredited Drug Testing utilizes only SAMHSA Certified Laboratories for all incoming specimens, which include specimen validity testing as part of their drug testing procedure and analysis.

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